11 Best Everyday Carry Instagram Accounts

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Everyday Carry Flat Lay Grey Gear

Instagram has become a great place for EDC fanatics to get tips on new gear, reviews, giveaways and carry ideas.  Here is our list for the 11 best Everyday Carry Instagram accounts.


1. @EverydayCarry

Featuring posts from EDC Instagram and blogs worldwide, @EverydayCarry has set the standard for EDC posts.  Their website also features great content and is one of the best spots for gear reviews.

2. @Carryology

@Carryology offers inspiration and gear for the adventurous EDC’er.

Carryology Knoll Image Watch Wallet


3. @NotoriousEDC

@NotoriousEDC provides magazine quality shots of unique everyday carry gear and holds auctions for one-of-a-kind products.

Notorious EDC Knives and Flashlight


4. @EverydayKnifeGuy

Cameron is “a Scotsman in a foreign land”.  The transported Scotsman resides in Canada and posts reviews and comments on Knives and all forms of EDC on his Instagram account and Youtube channel.

Everyday Knife Guy Disassembled Swiss Army Knife


5. @doomboxEDC

A self described Knifenut, @doomboxEDC posts pocket dumps and never fails to include a new knife.

Knoll Image Knives and Pen


6. @EDC_showcase

Guns, Knives and Gear, @EDC_showcase aims to raise preparation awareness.

EDC Showcase Knife and Flashlight


7. @UrbanEDCSupply

A brand focused on gear tailored to the city dwelling EDC’er, @UrbanEDCSupply posts are what can only be described as EDC porn.

Urban Everyday Carr Knife and Pen


8. @EDCarmory

As American as EDC gets, @EDCarmory always has varied content, pocket dumps and gear features.

EDC Armory assorted gear and pocket dump


9. @EDCPocketDump

The name says it all.  Follow @EDCPocketDump for giveaways and tips on new gear as well.

Hand Dump Knife


10. @EverydayCarryCollective

Featuring fellow EDC Instagrammers, @EverydayCarryCollective uses the hashtag #carrysmarter for those who are looking to get their gear shots posted.

Black Gear From EDC Collective


11. @Mostlyknives

Another one for the Knife fanatics.  @Mostlyknives has an eclectic collection of Knives and Gear and keeps his account up to date with posts almost every day.

Mostly Knives Flatlay

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