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Making What We Want

Our goal when we started this store was make products that we wanted. We think that a product should always serve the purpose it is designed for and look badass while doing it.  Our blog posts will  provide some insight into how our products are made from scratch and why they are top quality.


How we design and manufacture our products

The key aspects to building any product are the material, design and manufacturing process. Each  step drives the cost and quality of a product and we strive to perfect each step of development to produce a top quality product.

Metals! They are our favorite for their durability, machinability, strength and aesthetics. Which metal we use for a particular part is determined by what function it serves and where it will be used.  Every product we make is machined from a solid block of metal. While machining aluminum and steels isn't the quickest production method, machining provides the most precise method for production.  All of our products are finished by hand, using methods that prevent degradation and enhance the look of the final product. 

This is the most important aspect of product development.  When designing a product we aim to produce something that is eye-catching and functions perfectly.  A lot of work goes into our final designs and we are constantly thinking of ways improve functionality. If we aren't satisfied with how a prototype functions, we send it back to the drawing board and work it until it is right.                                

This is where hard work meets dedication.  We put in countless hours each week to prototype or manufacture our products, so that the end result matches our design to a T.  At the end of production we inspect every product before shipping to ensure that it has been machined and finished properly.

Our quality and design standards are high and we never sell anything that we wouldn't purchase ourselves, it's that simple. We don't subscribe to the notion that an items price determines its value.  To us, value is determined by the efficacy of an item and we believe our products speak to their value.

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