5 Amazing Achievements in Robotics in 2016

We have been waiting a long time for SciFi type functionality in robots and these 5 advances offer proof that we are living in the future.

 Korea Future Technology | Method-1

Developed by a mysterious company based in Korea, Method-1 manned robot stole the Internets attention a week ago with a series of short videos.  The huge “Avatar” style robot is over 4 meters tall, weighs 1.5 tons and is controlled by a human pilot.

Amazon | Drone Delivery

Amazon was able to deliver an Amazon Fire and a bag of popcorn 13 minutes after the order was placed. While this is a big technical achievement, perhaps the most surprising aspect of the Amazon drone delivery is that it is actually happening due to the enormity of the regulatory hurdles.

University of Minnesota | Non-invasive EEG Control of Robotic Arm

A team from the University of Minnesota attached non-invasive electroencephalography (eeg) equipment to the brains of 8 participants in an impressive new study.  All 8 volunteers were able to maneuver an object from the table onto a shelf using only their minds and a robotic arm.  The advanced brain-computer interface holds great potential for numerous applications, among them robotic limbs.

FastBrick | Brick Laying Robot

3D printing on the macro scale, FastBrick could have just changed how homes are constructed.  Able to lay 1000 bricks per hour and the truck mounted robot can assemble the structure of a house in just two days.  The Australian company plans to makes these machines available worldwide starting next year.

Boston Dynamics | Spot Mini

The Google owned Boston Dynamics has a history of unreal technical achievements in robotics and the newest bot, Spot Mini, appears to have pure Boston Dynamics pedigree.  With a dog like frame and long jointed neck, Spot Mini is creepy for house helper bot.  That said, the robot seems able to perform a wide array of impressive functions.   

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