Tipe Manufacturing Progress

The material for Tipe arrived at our manufacturer last week and they have begun production. Here are some photos:


Figure 1: Tooling setup and initial production run


Figure 2: Turning manufacturing process for PE1505-13 (Clip Part)


Figure 3: Titanium stock cut to size (PE1505-13, before turning)


Figure 4: This complex part requires many stages
of machining (PE1505-13, after initial turning)

Figure 5: The parts in Figure 4 will become this


Since we did not have any parts produced that did not have the anodizing, I have asked our manufacturer to send a picture of what the bead blasted finish will look like.  Figure 6 shows a sample part that has been bead blasted that will have the same appearance as the Natural Titanium Tipe.

Figure 6: Natural Titanium Finish


More to come as our parts get closer to the final stages of fabrication.

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