A Handy Everyday Carry Storage Tool

Key Safe, Machined Storage Keychain

An emergency keychain capsule is a practical way to store essentials such as cash, pills, band-aids or batteries. The Key Safe from The Tin Mill is a perfect choice for those who have the habit losing their wallets or those who like to be prepared for emergency.

Our keychain capsule is made from stainless steel and is constructed with precision machining which, along with its extreme durability, is what sets it apart. Key Safe is watertight and comes in the perfect size for storing cash, medications, micro SD cards, or other small items you need to keep secure. Engineered to withstand a lifetime of daily impacts, Key Safe is durable and portable storage for precious cargo.

Designed with an emphasis on minimalism to reduce its everyday carry footprint. Attach it to key chains, handbags, gear bags, or belt loops and keep your items handy.



  • Great for storing emergency cash and medications
  • Fits nicely on a key ring
  • Crush proof
  • Minimal Design
  • Machined from stainless steel

Specs at a Glance

Materials: 304 Stainless Steel

Coating: Sand Blasted Finish

Exterior Dimensions: 2.25” tall, .625" diameter

Interior Dimensions: 1.84” tall, .475” diameter

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