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Helic Pen on Notebook, Copper Plated

Pens aren’t always a staple for your everyday carry but if you love to write, take notes, or are just an admirer of good design and craftsmanship, you might be interested in carrying our new Helic Pen in your gear bag. Even if you are well acquainted with the machined pens on the market, this pen makes a statement with its unique function and hardy construction.

Craftsmanship & Durability

Made from high quality stainless steel and available in both nickel and copper plating, Helic has a superb anatomy and finishing that ensures durability and makes it look aesthetically pleasing. We set out to craft a pen that would function like a normal pen but would have a prolonged lifespan. The result is a pen that is nearly indestructible and engineered a pen that’s not only impressively durable but also carries a beautiful fresh look that suits the taste of modern carry. The pen is sleek but wide enough to be gripped comfortably, with a polished copper or nickel plating to make it look stark and stylish.

The pen carries a bit heft (weighing 5.1 ounces) that makes it feel good in hand. Precisely machined, then hand assembled and inspected, each pen was put together to function as designed with minimal wear.


Other than the Pilot Ink Refill, Helic is entirely made from solid stainless steel.  It doesn’t work or feel like a typical EDC pen, instead it uses helical bolt-action, a unique take on the bolt action function that improves the pen’s durability and aesthetic. A small set screw at the top of the pen protracts and retracts the pen tip, by following a helical groove machined into the top of the pen. When you spin the top, you get a satisfying click as the pen tip locks in or out.

The Helic pen is 6.1″ long and has a diameter of .39″, only slightly longer than a generic Bic pen. A Fine Point Pilot G2 refill pre-installed in the pen., which is a great compliment to the high quality of the machined body.


Helic is a thoroughbred EDC pen with great functionality and durability. It has some unique characteristics that give it an edge over other machined pens:

  • Made entirely from 304 stainless steel
  • Uses Pilot G2 Gel refill (included)
  • Features high quality craftsmanship and precision machining
  • Hand assembled
  • Comes in Polished Copper or Nickel plating
  • Hardy and durable design
  • Comfortably balanced with a bit of heft

    Specifications at a Glance

    Material:           Stainless Steel
    Coating:           Copper or Nickel plating
    Weight:             5.1 Ounces
    Diameter:          0.39"
    Length:             6.1"
    Clip Length:     1.52"

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