Passport Hardback: Uniquely stylish and practical

Tumbled Silver Passport Hardback

Jetting off to a new trip soon? The Passport Hardback from The Tin Mill is there to fuel your wanderlust! Our Passport Hardback is a classic, sharp looking case for those who prefer durable functionality to cheap mass production.

Even if you maintain a very busy flying schedule, our Passport Hardback will keep your passport protected from RFID theft and in a perfect physical condition across the world. In addition to the practical benefits, the stylish design will add some personality to your travel accessory collection.

Why an Aluminum Passport Case?

Our Passport Hardback is unique in the sense that it is not only durable and high functioning but also comes with an attractive, unique design.  

Design: Our sleek and minimalist design is a fusion of style and durability. It’s made from aircraft grade aluminum and the powder-coated black or tumbled finish lends a stylish and elegant look. The construction is so strong and durable that even baggage handlers can’t damage the contents.

Safe & Secure: Our Passport Hardback provides maximum protection for travel. Keep your passport shielded from nefarious RFID readers while you are on the road.

Functionality: The hardback has a minimalist outward design with strong metal construction and eye-catching looks. Its sleek design takes up less room in your travel bag than other bulky passport sleeves and the aluminum body protects your valuable documents from damage in your luggage.

Unique Features

  • Protects from RFID theft
  • Prevents creases and bends
  • Made from high grade aluminum
  • Lightweight but strong
  • Smart, sleek design

Specs at a Glance

Material: Aluminum 6061

Coating: Powder Coated Black or Tumbled Finish

Weight: 2.3 Ounces

Dimensions: 0.30" x 3.70" x 5.30"

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